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    Ocean Grove Connected Communities is a Community Company established for the benefit of local residents.

    How it works is quite simple. Local individuals and businesses bank with their Ocean Grove Bendigo Bank branch and businesses buy their telecommunications and data services from Vicwest Telco nominating Ocean Grove Connected Communities as the community beneficiary.

    Ocean Grove Connected Communities operates with total transparency, and lists all grants awarded as a result of the support of our financial backers. To view our grants information click here.


    A dividend is paid to Ocean Grove Connected Communities to fund local projects.

    Our Company is a vehicle through which all of Ocean Grove can work together. Keeping profits in Ocean Grove rewards residents.

    Providing your support is vital for the success of Ocean Grove Connected Communities. Drop into the Ocean Grove Bendigo Bank branch and speak to their friendly staff, who will advise you on how you can support the work of Ocean Grove Connected Communities.

    Bendigo Bank Ocean Grove

    6/7 Park Lane Ocean Grove VIC 3226

    Ph 6255 4866


    Ocean Grove Connected Communities will assist organisations in all of the following areas.
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